How to use your EURTs

How to use your EURTs

This is a short guide to using Stellar and TEMPO to payout all over the world. You can use Lumens, EURTs, BTC, ETH to send a payment to anywhere served by TEMPO.

TEMPO supports payout in all EUROZONE countries to any bank account,  you can pick up cash from our store in Paris and in over 40 countries worldwide:

For example, if you are planning a trip to Paris you could put a limit order on the Stellar EURT exchange and get an awesome “mid-point” exchange rate. If you were backpacking around the world you could send yourself cash to pickup at multiple locations.StockSnap_4DHB07SBF7.jpg

Currently this is done in 3 easy steps. It will be even simpler when Stellar wallets fully support the Stellar auth protocol.  Although this is new a process, your funds are safe and secure and are protected by TEMPO and the strength of the Stellar blockchain.

Step 1 is to register with TEMPO

Due to recent terrorism in France a Passport or EU ID is required to register with TEMPO. It generally takes a couple of hours during EU working hours. We may ask additional proof of residence if you do many large value transfers.  Your data is stored securely and never leaves the EU - servers are “PCI” certified and audited.

Example of Accepted IDs:

Passport (showing the whole page  European National ID card (front and back)

of the passport including the MRZ)

Step 2 Create your transfer:

Depending on the country and type of transfer (cash pickup vs account payout) the transfer will be slightly different. The pickup locations can be a bit confusing if you haven’t done this before. There is a chat box that runs and our service people are available normally 9-18 hrs M-S.

Please see the tutorial video on how to use our online platform here:

If you are sending to yourself put your own name as the receiver

Pick Account/Cash payout. Pick a branch or Cash pickup location

Select Crypto payment


Add your promotion code: STELLAR which gives you a 100% discount on the fee. In the future there will be costs associated with some countries as we pass on costs from our partners. IBAN payouts to Europe will remain FREE.

When you are done you will see the the payment instructions



3) Do your Stellar payment

A) Register with or use  one of the other Stellar wallets.

Right now, I find Ecliptic has the easier interface to do all the steps in one as Stellarterm doesn’t allow you to send. You could use StellarTerm in combination with another wallet such as StarGazer, Centaurus or one of the others.

B) Trust EURT -  You need to trust EURT to buy them.

D) Send the payment

Use memo type as “TEXT”

Make sure you include the Transaction Reference number

Send your EURT to the address displayed earlier

4) Getting your funds

Sending on the Stellar network is instant. For example, funds sent to a wallet in the Philippines would arrive within 10 seconds..

For Europe, your funds should hit your account the next day or same day if we receive the order in the morning. European payments go via the SEPA system. – where you send the IBAN. The name on the account should match the name you listed as the receiver.

For other countries funds are available normally 15 min – 4 hours depending on the time of day or day of the week on the receiving side. Unfortunately not all of our banking partners are connected to us via a blockchain yet!

If you decide to pickup your funds as cash you will need to keep your Transaction number and “Collection Pin” and show ID when you pickup the funds.  

You can also pickup your funds directly at our main outlet in Paris.  In the coming months you will be able to pickup your cash at one of our 250 outlets.

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