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how to buy EURT

A) Through an Agent

  • Go to the agent. Remember to bring your ID (passport, national ID or resident permit)
  • At the agent ask to send to country: CRYPTO
  • In the account field, the agent will need to add your Stellar public key/Lobster wallet address or Telegram address.
If you don’t have a Stellar public key yet, you may easily set-up an account by downloading Lobster or Telegram. Ask us how
  • You should have the the money in your coins wallet within minutes.
B) Online website
  • Create an online account with TEMPO by going to and clicking on "JOIN NEW MEMBER". Please upload a valid ID. It can be a passport or a national ID card issued by any member country of the European Union. Your account will be verified and you will receive a verification email.
  • Sign in to your account and create your transfer. Follow the step-by-step procedure here:

  • Click on “Send Money”

  • Click on “Create Beneficiary”

  • Fill out the necessary details of the beneficiary. Please make sure to select the country, "Crypto".

  • In the Account Number field, please fill out the Stellar public key/Lobster key/Telegram key. Click on “Save Changes”

  • Click on “Send Money” beside the name of your beneficiary.

  • Check your beneficiary details and click on “Next”

  • In the Delivery Method, please select “Account Transfer” and then, click on “Next”

  • Please select “Source of income” and “Purpose of Remittance”

    Verify your account number.

  • Click on “Next”

  • Select your mode of payment and click on “Next”.

  • In the destination amount, please select, “EURT”. In the promotion code, please enter: TempoEURT to benefit from a commission-free first purchase. Pay for your transfer and you will be receiving the EURTs in your wallet in a few minutes.
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