How to send money to through an agent, online or via our Android app.

A) Through an Agent

1)Find an agent near you in France or Germany. For a list of agent locations

2) Go to the agent. Remember to bring your ID (passport, national id or resident permit)

3) At the agent ask to send to Philippines ACCOUNT using COINS with the currency of PHP.

4) in the account field the agent will need to add your email address that you registered with Coins. If you do not have an account yet, you will be sent an invite to register with Coins.  

5) you should have the the money in your coins wallet within minutes. 

B) Online website

1) Create an online account with TEMPO by going to and clicking on "JOIN NEW MEMBER". Please upload a valid ID. It can be a passport or a national ID card issued by any member country of the European Union. Your account will be verified and you will receive a verification email, 

2) Sign in to your account and create your transfer. Follow the step-by-step procedure here:





1. Login to your TEMPO account. Click on “Send Money”




2. Click on “Create Beneficiary”




3. Select the country of your beneficiary. Enter the name and phone number of your beneficiary.

Click on “NEXT”.



 4. Select “Account Transfer” and click on “Next”



 5. Select your Source of Income and Purpose of Remittance. In the account number, type the phone number of the beneficiary together with the country code. In the account name, enter the name of the beneficiary. In the Account Type, Select “Savings”. Then, click on “Find Bank & Branch”




6. In the Bank field, select “Bill payments through” and in the Branch field, Select “COINS”.





7. In the payment, select your preferred payment method.




8. Enter the amount you want to send and click on “Submit”





9. Click on “Confirm Transfer”





10. Pay for your transfer.


The money will be transferred to the account within 5 minutes:



B) Using your android Phone

1) Download the app

2) Register using the form

3) Follow the steps below for online

1. Click on SEND MONEY in the APP Dashboard

1 Persona Le Gusta

Please help how to get money to tempo transfer to my coins account to making cash out so I well pay for monthly

Hi Magie. 

To send money from TEMPO to your coins account, the first step is to create your online account at Please upload a valid ID eg. passport/titre de sejour. And then you may follow the step-by-step procedure here:

Thank you

- the TEMPO Money Transfer team

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