Using your android Phone to transfer money to Brazil

1) Download the app

2) Register using the form

3) Follow the steps below for online

Use your TEMPO Login and password to Login

Select your option from the dashboard

Click on the Plus sign as shown in the figure to add a new beneficiary

Enter all requested details of the beneficiary

Upload the ID of the beneficiary

Click on 'ADD Beneficiary" to add your beneficiary

If you want to SEND MONEY to an existing Beneficiary, click 'Send Money' on the dashboard

Check the details of your intended beneficiary

Add the Account transfer details, if it is a payment in his/her account

Verify the amount and enter a Promocode here to obtain discounts. If you don't have a promocode, leave this field blank

Confirm the transaction by clicking the bottom CONFIRM button

Your Transaction number is generated

Click on "Pay Securely" to be re-directed to the payment gateway to make your payment for this transaction