Customers can now receive cash or EURT from several TEMPO collection points through Unistream. If you are an agent and would like to payout a transaction for your customer, here are the steps to follow: 


1) Go to TEMPO’s website (, scroll down and click on “Receive money in France & Germany”.



2) Fill up the form with the necessary details:


12 digit Unistream Pin


Select partner: Unistream

Payout method: Cash Pick up

Select your country: Please select the country wherein you are located.

 and click on “SUBMIT”.





3). You will receive an email with the transaction number. 



4) Click on “Payout” and then, “Payout Transactions”



5) Enter the transaction reference number and PIN code. Click on “Find Transaction”



6) Fill out the following beneficiary details:

Pay Method:

Issue date:

Benef Existing ID Type:

Benef Existing ID Details/No.

Benef Existing ID Scan

Benef Payout ID Type

Benef Payout ID Details/No

Benef Payout ID scan - upload the ID of the receiver

Click on “Payout Transaction”



7) Give the cash to the receiver. Print the receipt. Your credit will be updated immediately


If you want to see the history of your old transactions, click on “Payout” and then “Past Paid Transactions”