In order to make TEMPO’s system more secure and to avoid losses because of virus or hacking, we have started the two factor authentication (2FA) for TEMPO’s agents.

Starting this October 2017, all agents will be required to use FREE OTP (one-time-password) or Google Authenticator with a smartphone to access TEMPO’s system. 

Step 1:

Download the free OTP application on your smartphone

For Apple users:

For Android users:

If an agent teller does not have a mobile phone, they can still use a Google Chrome plugin called “Authy”:

Step 2: 

Login to your TEMPO account.

Step 3: Launch the free OTP app and scan the barcode above. Click on “Confirm …” and click on “LOGIN”

Step 4: In your Free OTP app. Copy the numbers.

Step 5.  Enter the numbers  in the 2FA pin field and click on “CONFIRM”. 

Should you have any questions regarding this change, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your cooperation

Best regards,

  • The TEMPO Money Transfer team