We would like to remind you that for your convenience, there are 3 types of TEMPO accounts:

  1. Administrator/Agent - for the manager or administrator. Administrator can create subusers and tellers. They can create and cancel transactions. 

  2. Agent Subusers - for the employees. Subusers can create transactions and access reports

  3. Agent Tellers - for the employees. Tellers can create transactions and they have limited access to reports.

For security reasons, agents should never share their passwords and accounts with another user. This can cause losses that they will be responsible for. We recommended that agents create teller accounts for their employees. 

How to Create Agent Subuser and Agent Teller Accounts and Customize their Access

  1. To create an Agent Subuser, Click on “Agent Subuser” and “Add Agent Subuser”. For Agent Tellers, click on “Agent Tellers” and on “Agent Subuser”.


2. Add the first name, last name, username, password, address and city. 

3. To restrict the usage of an account to a specific IP address, in “allowed IP addresses”, enter the IP address. If there is more than one IP address, separate them with commas. 

To restrict the date and time usage of an account, click on “Date and Time Access Grid ENABLED”. Click on the restricted hours on the grid. 

Should you have any questions, regarding this change, please let us know.