You can now purchase Stellar XLM with TEMPO from FRANCE and GERMANY in person for cash at over 200 locations as well as online/mobile throughout the EU. Shortly we will be rolling out other methods.

To purchase for CASH you need to first locate the agent location closest to you . If you are in Paris we would love to see you at store at 89 Blvd Magenta and ensure you follow the below steps.

I. Have a Stellar wallet

Normally you need to have a funded Stellar wallet, with a minimum of 0.5 XLM, to buy crypto.

What if you don't have a funded wallet, you have 3 options :

1) PapayaBot

a) Download and install the Telegram chat application

b) search for PapayaBot and add it as a contact

c) Click on receive in PapayaBot and it will display your receive address 

For more information about PapayaBot :

2) CREATE a new one

Tempo can create and email you a new funded stellar public key and private key. As email is not 100% private this solution can work for small amounts of funds

3) Crypto Exchange

If you have an account at an exchange's platform of crypto-currencies (as Craken or Binance), you can send your XLM or MOBI directly to your exchange account. Make sure you put a memo field!.

II. If you are not buying XLM you need to trust

In stellar you need to trust assets before you purchase them. Please make sure you trust the asset before you buy them in your wallet.

III. Find an agent  

If the location is far away we suggest you google the name and try to call or verify that the store is open. Not all stores are open every day and things change.

IV. Bring your ID

Please bring your valid Passport, National ID or your residence card. If you plan to purchase large amounts or frequently you may need to provide a proof of residence (typically a utility bill of less than 3 months or mobile phone contract)

V. Ask the agent to Sent to country "Crypto"

 and select the Stellar XLM or another Stellar based token (MOBI, BTC, ETH)


Tell the agent they need to put your stellar ID in account field

If there is a memo it needs to go in the SWIFT/BIC FIELD

Make sure the agent adds your email address to the transaction if you want to find out about the status

VI. Keep your receipt 

The funds should hit the account in approximately 3-30 minutes