Whenever It’s About More Than Money Transfer
Send Support to Friends, Family and Loved Ones in ARMENIA

Transferring money to Armenia has never been so convenient and affordable as it is with TEMPO. With the help of our partner UNISTREAM, we cover all of Armenia from East to West and North to South. 

Here is some important information that you need to know about sending money to Armenia:

  • The currency for sending and receiving: euro (€)
  • Delivery methods
  • Cash pick up
    - Available Currency: euro (€)
    - Transfer time: within 30 minutes your recipient will receive the funds.
    - Payout location: 18 leading local banks and financial institutions with 575 payout locations.

    1. Unibank
    2. VTB Armenia
    3. Artsakhbank
    4. Ardshininvestbank
    5. Armeconombank
    6. Armbusinessbank
    7. Armenian Development Bank
    8. Ararat Bank
    9. Prometey Bank
    10. Converse Bank
    11. ACBA Credit Agricol Bank
    12. Ameria Bank
    13. BTA Bank
    14. Anelik Bank
    15. Inecobank
    16. Areximbank – Gazprombank Group
    17. MobiDram
    18. Telcell

Receiver can collect the funds from any branch of the above mentioned banks.